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Shared Web Hosting from Heartland Web Hosting My experience with Dreamhost VPS is that they are slow Dreamhost Cloudflare 521 best WordPress hosting Reddit fastest wordpress hosting 2020, for small business website hosting and best website hosting for small business. I moved some of my wordpress sites from Dreamhost to Digital Ocean all of the sites had noticeable loading speed increases just from the changing of the server.

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They do provide a lets encrypt SSL in addition to Cloudflare integration (universal SSL) which is nice, but even with Cloudflare integration I would say they are slow compared to others.

No, unfortunately Dreamhost is no more legit. Their security team has just taken down a discussion phpBB forum (https: // that had critical content regarding their false uptime promises. The excuse was that "We have received a report of phishing" and now the whole site has been down for a couple days because of one forum post that contains a link/links they believe is phishing.

As a remedy, they posted a broken link to very basic newbie instructions for checking who has logged into your server and which dirs have world readable permission. LOL.

If you want a professional hosting with security & support personnel that are not totally clueless, don't take Dreamhost. It's more like nightmarehost. Please let me know if you want something good, I need to migrate a few customers away from Dreamhost. Good luck!

At Heartland Web Hosting, we place special emphasis on performance rates and data integrity. For this exact reason, our shared web hosting system uses top–of–the–line SSD drives in addition to a ZFS–powered file system. Furthermore, you can take full advantage of a time–proven firewall, which is enabled for all packages. The migration of your sites to us is quick and absolutely free for you. Don’t hesitate to transfer over to us today.